About Us

About Pepperpot

Pepperpot Systems and Solutions is based in Koratty Infopark, the IT smart space in Thrissur, Kerala. We have been in the field providing a wide variety of products and services since 2010. To stand in the top positions, we keep updating new innovations and techniques. We have a great team of experienced and skilled professionals who deliver the best products and services as per the requirements of our clients.

Our Services

We offer a miscellaneous list of services. Some of our major expert areas include:

  • Web Design: We do not just design the website. Our approach towards designing a website, is different. Be it a business website or any other area, we provide customized design that match the desire of the client and the current scenario in web designing field.
  • Graphic Design: Best graphic design solutions are provided using a variety of promotional tools.
  • Application Development: A number of elegant web-based applications are there in our credits.
  • Domain Services: We help clients establish their presence online through providing domain services. We help people book domains as per their needs and requirements.

Family Tree- Our New Product

We are into launching our new product 'Family Tree'. Family is the basement of every relationship. It is the institution where we learn to be ourselves. As we consider 'family' as an important factor in one's life, we decided to introduce this new app. We believe that, our product will help people to find their ancestors and kith and kin. The product will be released on 30th January 2015. On this day, we are just giving an introducing our product to people. Family tree will be further enhanced with more attractive features.

What do you know about your family? Just the family name and the five (or whatever) members living in your home? If yes, you are not alone. The nuclear family concept has destroyed many family values and the root to the ancestors. Tracing the history of ancestors are not possible with the minimum resources like photo albums. Our family tree is visualized to interconnect and root the families with their ancestors and their relatives. Through our online family tree, you will be able to search and find all the relatives and ancestors easily.

When you are planning a get together or any other function, you will definitely need to invite all of your family members and share your joy. There lies the importance of family tree. As we understand the importance of joint family and the care and joy from it, we aim at rejoining families through our family tree system. We are just a platform for you...make the most out of it. To start with, you will have to first register on our website. The registration is free for families. In sum, the aim to build and maintain relationships. A family is a social unit with lots of moral values.

If one asks what is the name of your grand grandfather to a child of this generation, they might not be able to give you the exact answer. No wonder! It is the effect created by the nuclear family concept in the modern society. It's high time people started tracing their ancestors. People may just want to know the names of their grandparents or they might need to know about inherited diseases in the family or it can be just out of their curiosity. Apart from all this, tracing the ancestors gives a foundation for the family. Establishing a foundation helps supporting the family.

Now, reaching the ancestors is possible with family tree. You don't need to search in the old photo albums/videos or any other documents to find your ancestors. You can reach them on family tree. Family tree offers an option to connect different families sharing relationships each other. To find your ancestor through our website, you can either search by their name or using the family name. You can even get the details of a family by searching one of the family member's name in the website. Now, reaching your ancestors is simple with our product- family tree.

Our mission

Learning about our ancestors helps us better understand who we are - creating a family bond, linking the present to the past, and building a bridge to the future. In this world of nuclear families and high percentage of mobility of human being in search of sustenance and better way of living it becomes almost difficult for us to keep a track of kith and kin. There have been many instances in your life when you really feel embarrassed because you don't know who is your father's paternal uncle, mother's niece or something like that. But there is a saying the destroyer is also a creator; the prodigal people have themselves created the most unique system, developed and put into force to keep a complete link of family tree. And the best part is that it is available online. You can log into such and site that maintains family history and tree and you can add all your near and dear ones in your profile. This is a unique system that actually links individuals to their relatives, blood relations and near and dear ones. These are done based on certain criteria and this helps you to link yourself even to the farthest relations. You have to register and provide some important details in the online site that maintains such tree of family and generations to link yourself to other members in that same tree. It is something like one branch of a tree knowing another branch better and more clearly.

Our Benefits

The technological enhancements have digitalized the world. Everything is now digitalized. People keep every document in a digital version as it is more safe and lasting. An online family tree has all the benefits of keeping a valid document in the digitized version. You don't need to spend time or money to keep your track of family online. To access required information, you just need to have an internet connection and browsing option. Family tree gives you a feeling that, all your relatives are a click away. The family tree connects with families. It helps to inculcate family values and bond among people in the society. Family tree is a platform to traverse between generations easily.


Though we all grow in different branches, all has a root. Finding it gives happiness and pride. The family tree helps to trace the root of each family and interconnect them to the kith and kin. Say, for example, if one family member is married to an another family, family tree helps to interconnect the two families. Even if you have forgotten some of the names, you can even search and find the entire family by just entering the name of anyone in the family. There is an 'advanced search' option in the website. When the result opens up the family tree, it gives all the details regarding the family.