Family Tree for Kudumbayogams / Family Trust

by Admin

Posted on May 27 2015

In Kerala, especially Christian Families always try to track their ancestors and some families managed to track to the time of St. Thomas – one of the Disciples of Christ who came to India. It’s believed that he landed in Kodungalloor which was one of the main ports of that time. There are some family names in Kerala which are common in Christian and Hindu. This proves those Christian families were Hindu families who received Christian faith at some stage. Kudumbam in Malayalam means family and yogam means gathering or meeting. Most of the families in Kerala have Kudumbayogams. They tend to gather at least once a year. At present, online presence of these kudmbayogams are limited and there is no systematic approach followed to keep track of the family tree of the family members. This is where the relevance of My Family Root arises. It supports the families irrespective of the religion or caste. This is a free application which supports to generate family tree online. It is a user friendly application, where the families can add members to the family tree without much hassle. This family tree website provides a home page where the families can add events, photos, etc. This is achieved through the backend of the application by the admin user of the family. In the home, date of birth, wedding and death anniversaries of the family members will popup automatically in the family home page. My Family Root offers individual logins for the family members where each one can edit their profile by themselves. Each member of the family who is listed in the family tree can request for the login credentials by clicking on Request for Login Details in their public profile page