Kerala Religion and Family Tree

by Admin

Posted on Jun 09 2015

The diversity in religions and faith is one of the main attractive aspects about Kerala. The state is a blend of various faiths; especially there are Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam. Though there are many religions, it gives dignity to the Kerala as it is one of the most communally tolerant states in the country.


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Kerala Christian Family

In India, the religion of Christianity was spread by the Apostle of Jesus Christ, St. Thomas. It is believed that he landed at a place called Maliankara, near to Kodungallur in 52 A.D. The very first ancestors of the Syrian Christians in Kerala are Brahmins and Jews. Several churches have been found at different places in Kerala under the supervision of St. Thomas. Now, 19% of the total population of Kerala represents Christianity. The Christian population in the state has now divided into several branches. Beliefs, customs and the way of living are a bit different for these branches. However, they maintain a harmony and unity among themselves. My Family Root will help you in tracing and identifying the ancestors of your family.

Kerala Hindu Family

Half of the Kerala population constitutes Hindus. Hinduism is considered as the largest religious community in the state. The major characteristic of Hinduism is that it worships a wide variety of divinities. However, the most important are Brahma, Vishnu and Siva (Maheshwara). Brahma is considered as the creator, Vishnu as the preservator and Shiva as the destroyer.

The caste system in India was established with the arrival of Aryans. Hinduism is the most populous religion in the state except the district of Malappuram, where Muslims represent the majority.The online family tree maker, ‘My Family Root’ will help you to create your family and you can find them in one click.

Kerala Islam Family

Trade relations in Kerala with the Assyrian and Babylonian people lead to the spread of Islam religion in Kerala. They often visited Kerala for trading. The traders of Babylon and Assyria propagated Islam religion in Kerala. Later, many of them settled here, especially in the coastal areas of Kerala. Islam religion got more popular after the arrival of A.D. Malikben Dinar, who established mosques at various places in Kerala. Islam is recognized as the second largest religion in Kerala. It constitutes 24.7% of the total population. Northern districts in Kerala have the majority of Muslim population.

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